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Here at Eastern Longwings we specialise in breeding very big falcons for both the UK and export markets. 

Over years of careful selection and breeding we have been able to produce some really spectacular young birds that have gone on to excel in the field as great hunting falcons and speed trial competitors.  All our falcons are parent reared and the whole breeding cycle is completed naturally by the parents, with us only intervening as a last resort.  Our falcons are not massed produced as we prefer to have quality; not quantity.

Many breeders produce white or dark falcons for export and their impetus for breeding is market driven.  We produce falcons that are primarily used for hunting or speed trials.  In doing so we are looking for young falcon that displays certain traits, like good stamina and the ability to reach “pitch” quickly, a falcon that is a tenacious hunter, biddable; social and easy to work with, a young bird that is big in frame, width and length, is healthy and carries the right weight when leaving the aviary.  All our young falcons come from excellent breeding stock and who’s parents have proven themselves in the field prior to being selected for breeding.  The birds colour to us is a bonus when we get it right.  Not all of our falcons are snow white but what we do produce is an aesthetically pleasing big bird that is strong, has a large frame and is capable of flying down and holding quarry much larger than itself.

Our birds are big, the 5/8ths and 50/50 Gyr x Altai Sakers whilst no longer popular in the Arabian markets, because they do not hold a significant value, produce young that make most 7/8ths and pure Gyrs look average.  We however ensure that these falcons are still produced and hold an affordable, sensible and realistic market value within the UK. 


For more information about the different bird species for sale please view our Falcons for Sale pages or Contact Us for further details.

 Falcon  Parent reared Female Gyr x Altai Saker  Birds of Prey - Gyr Peregrine Falcon  Parent Reared Female 5/8 Gyr x Altai Saker


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